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Artin N. Shaverdian Made Partner at California Eminent Domain Law Group, APC

Artin Shaverdian was recently made Partner at California Eminent Domain Law Group, APC, a boutique eminent domain law firm serving all of California.

Press Release

Glendale, CA – February 23, 2009 – California Eminent Domain Law Group, APC is pleased to announce that Artin Shaverdian has been made Partner at their boutique eminent domain law firm in Glendale, CA.

“Throughout my several years of working with Artin, he has demonstrated exceptional ability and a deep understanding of the complexities of eminent domain law,” added A.J. Hazarabedian, Managing Partner of California Eminent Domain Law Group, APC. “I am happy to have him move up the ranks within our firm to become a partner and I hope to be working with him for many years to come.”

Mr. Shaverdian received his Juris Doctor from Southwestern University School of Law and was admitted to the California Bar in 2002. Mr. Shaverdian is a graduated of the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

“I have had the privilege of working with some of the best in this area of law and I cannot imagine practicing elsewhere,” said Artin Shaveridan.

Artin Shaverdian practices in the area of eminent domain/inverse condemnation law. He has extensive experience representing numerous government agencies as well as private property and business owners.

To learn more about Artin N. Shaverdian, please visit


California Eminent Domain Law Group, APC is a boutique eminent domain law firm serving all of California. Their attorneys practice exclusively eminent domain law and have successfully handled hundreds of eminent domain matters.

Downtown lots could be subject of eminent domain case; The Press Enterprise, 2/5/09

By Doug Haberman

RIVERSIDE – Dr. V. Prabhu Dhalla is an immigrant success story.

He has earned his reputation and his fortune as an orthopedic surgeon based in Riverside, and his success has enabled him to buy property as an investment, including sites in downtown Riverside.

Now some of that property has landed him in a clash with the city.

The Redevelopment Agency wants to buy the parcels for a parking garage next to the historic Fox Theatre, which the city is spending up to $30 million to renovate and convert into the 1,600 seat Fox Performing Arts Center.

Dhalla and the agency are more than $1 million apart in estimating the property’s value. The disagreement could end up in court as an eminent domain case if the two sides can’t strike a deal.

Family Business

Born and raised in New Dehli, Dhalla came to the United States in 1977 to complete his medical education and to practice medicine.

He was lured to Riverside for a job interview and was smitten by the palm trees, the roses blooming on Victoria Avenue in winter, the size of the city and the universities andmedical centers, he said.

He moved here in 1980 with his wife and two children.

“It has worked out good for us,” Dhalla, 60, said.

He has succeeded as an orthopedic surgeon, thanks to his skill in repairing the broken bones, damaged joints and injured nerves of his patients.

“It’s very rewarding,” Dhalla said, “because we see people who are hurt and fix them up and they leave happy.”

“He’s a brilliant surgeon,” said Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge, a friend.

Dhalla has served on the executive committee of the medical staff at Riverside Community Hospital, as the chairman of orthopedics and as a member of the hosiptal’s foundation board.

Dhalla and his son, Raja, share a medical office on Market Street. Dhalla’s wife, Prabha, runs the office after practicing family medicine herself for many years.

Appraisals Differ

Dhalla has bought property in the Inland region as an investment, including in Riverside.

“He’s a very astute businessman, very savvy in real estate,” said Riverside developer Doug Jacobs. Dhalla is an investor in one of Jacobs’ projects.

Dhalla bought some of the property next to the Fox in the 1980s and leased the space to antique stores. He also owns or co-owns three parcels that the Redevelopment Agency wants for the garage.

The City Council, acting as the agency board, in November authorized the use of eminent domain to acquire the property but asked the city officials to try to negotiate a a deal with Dhalla before filing a court case.

An appraisal for the agency valued the property at almost $3.2 million. Dhalla paid for his own appraisal. There is a difference of more than $1 million, said Councilman Mike Gardner, whose ward includes downtown.

“My objective is to reach an amicable agreement with the doctor,” Gardner said.

Dhalla backed Gardner in his successful 2007 campaign to unseat Councilman Dom Betro.

Dhalla said he believes there is plenty of parking space for the Fox, either in existing garages or on land other than his where a garage could be built.

But Dhalla said he is still trying to reach an agreement and thinks he can if the city is reasonable.

“I think it will be resolved,” he said.

The Press-Enterprise:

Perris officials prepare to take properties by force to widen street; The Press-Enterprise, 1/31/09

By Julissa McKinnon

The city of Perris is preparing to forcibly take three properties in north Perris in order to widen Indian Avenue between Ramona Expressway and Harley Knox Boulevard.

Officials say the widening of the three-mile stretch of road would ease the flow of large trucks driving in and out of the new 1.3-million-square-foot Hanes distribution center and future commercial and industrial developments slated for the area.

The plan is to broaden Indian Avenue from one lane in each direction to two lanes in each direction with a landscaped median, said City Engineer Habib Motlagh.

“Ultimately the goal is to keep trucks removed from the ordinary vehicle traffic in the city while giving them freeway access,” via the Harley Knox onramp to the I-215, said City Attorney Eric Dunn.

To do so the city needs to acquire property from 16 landowners. So far it has bought 10 parcels and will soon finalize a settlement with the Eastern Municipal Water District for a parcel, Dunn said.

Of the remaining landowners, the city is close to negotiating a sale with two, according to Sunny Soltani, who briefed the City Council on Tuesday.

A cousin of the property owner furthest from striking a deal with the city asked the city council to hold off on starting the eminent domain process.

“It doesn’t seem a real attempt has been made to bridge the gap between our demand to the city and the city’s offer,” Cindy Tseng said.

Mayor Daryl Busch told Tseng the council is not condemning any properties yet. He said the council was simply taking the first step in a condemnation process, in case negotiations to buy the land fail.

Dunn said construction will not begin until all the properties are purchased.

“Timewise, we need to keep things moving along,” he said.

The last time the city purchased properties by force was October, when a court granted Perris the possession of two parcels along Morgan Street. The total 22-acre acquisition allowed the city to finish road and storm drain upgrades around the crossing of Ramona Expressway and Redlands Avenue, which accommodate traffic generated by the new IDS/Whirlpool distribution warehouse.

The Press-Enterprise:


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